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I am having an amazing time, discovering more and more about me. The deeper I go, the more amazing it gets. I started discovering more. My spiritual path started almost eight years ago. After a life changing personal experience. I thought things wouldn’t get better, until i started to become interested in meditation. Wow, meditation is the most amazing thing anyone can do for themselves. Having your nails done for us ladies or buying a new shirt doesn’t come close to making yourself feel great.

After having a Reiki healing session, my next step was shown to me. Again another door opened and i stepped inside. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to me. I felt so much lighter, brighter and there was a sense of calm and peace. So i decided to take a Reiki course. Level one’s attunements opened up my mind to another level, level two allowed me to practice.

The personal growth i have experienced during the past years has made me such a strong person. Fully understanding and knowing where and what i need to do. Expanding myself with “upgrades” from my guides, i have unveiled so many gifts. Light language is one of them. My journey still continues daily.

Now, working direct from source, with my higher self i feel the energies are of a higher frequency. I love Reiki as it my first experience of healing, but I feel the source energies are the purest and highest in vibration to really blast away any lower frequency energies or attachments.

It is so important to own your own energy, to maintain, clear and cleanse yourself daily. Find out Information on workshops on my Healing Journey page. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.


We all have our own lives to live. we can all make up our own minds, we all have free will.

Free will, will take you on a journey, which door do I open?

Our lives give us challenges along the way. A slight change of plan may take you off course.  But, you will always end up where you need to be.

My life has had many doors opening, deciding which is the right door is the key. Every door will be the right one.  What mistakes I have made along the way? Many. How many would I change?  None.

I totally get it.  I am where I need to be.  My true purpose in life is to heal and give guidance.

Our experiences of pain bring us the ability to empathise. The feeling of absolute despair, down on your knees feeling there is no way out.

Many of us have felt like this.

No matter how you cope, the changing of the clock allows those moments to fade.

But, still there tapping you on your shoulder. until you are strong enough to release.  Forgive.

Forgiving your self, forgiving others.

Meditation brought me to a space of knowing. A sense of Inner peace.  An understanding of which door I needed to open next.  A complete sense of who I am and what I needed to do.

I am an Energy Healer.

My purpose is to heal and guide people to the door, help them open it and step in side.

Nicola Russell.


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