Crystal Healing- available on request

Crystals have been used for thousands of years. Their uses are endless. Each crystal has properties that enables the healer to draw upon, to assist in the healing. The process is intuitive and powerful. Crystal healing is a fantastic modality.  Clearing and cleansing the inner and outer aura, as well as the chakra systems, with amazing results.

Darker coloured crystals take negative energies from the inner and outer auric field. The cleansing of these energies are drawn into the crystal itself. I also direct the energises from the chakras into the crystals, which are laid on the physical body. Enabling the energetic field to be cleared, before lighter crystals are used.

Once the energetic field and chakras are cleansed, source energy can be called upon. Positive energy  from the universe that is connected to me via my higher self. These energies are replacing  the darker extracted energies to create a higher frequency. Therefore, you will feel amazing. The higher you frequency, the better you feel.

Crystals are beautiful little tools for me to enhance healing. My clients feel a profound difference in the healing with their use.

One hour Crystal Healing £60


Deeper healing with crystals:

Past life releasing, is a surreal event. I use my psychic abilities to tune into my client, when working on the third eye chakra. I take care to allow my client to experience this process, only if they wish. Otherwise, I take the client to ‘a safe place,’ where they will not experience the clearing.

Removal of attachments are also helped with the use of crystals. Depending on the attachment, this process can be a traumatic one. Care is taken to remove the ego mind before the clearing. This is a similar process to the past life releasing.


Crystal healing will leave you feeling light and blissful. A wonderful experience.

90 minutes Deep Crystal Healing £80

Crystal Healing
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