Energy and Sound Healing Sessions

Are you questioning your life, relationships, jobs, and wanting to change the world? Then start your healing journey with me, let me set you on your path to finding who you truly are. An awakening soul starting your ascension process.

I am a Multidimensional Energy and Sound Facilitator/ Healer, Pure Channeller, Trance, Light Language channeller. A “Galactic Shaman”.

My Energy Healing facilitates high vibrational energies direct from Source, Channelled Higher Self, Multidimensional Self, and Guides. I also heal in a Trance state and Psychic Surgery.

Sound healing is facilitated through my voice. Toning and light language.

Every healing is bespoke to the individual’s needs. Start your journey with Energy and Sound healing and later as you evolve reconnect with multi-dimensional healing.

I work with my hands above the physical body and do not physically touch. My healing modality has changed and is always evolving, I never know what I am going to unveil, it is a beautiful experience for me to help you on your journey.

Releasing blocks and low frequencies. Once cleared to the degree available, I replace the void with high vibration light.

The experience is surreal and sometimes you will need to integrate the experience into your new reality. The unpacking of this process is highly recommended. I am available to help you after your healing if you have any questions about your onward journey.

My healing is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get!


Online healing sessions are just as effective as one to one in person. I connect with you through Zoom, FaceTime, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype. Please see the YouTube video on the HOME PAGE.


My modality has shifted: being able to facilitate your healing, at the same intensity, even if you are not in the room, a Global client list from Siberia to Thailand, the USA to Australia, I can connect to you where ever you are in the World.

Again a surreal experience, my recent clients have had major shifts from the release of low-frequency timelines and integration of multidimensional aspects. My client base tends to be of healers and souls that are on their ascension journey, rather than of soul’s that may be stuck in the 3D paradigm. Please message me for further details.

(Concessions are available on request.)


See below my online booking system, it’s simple to use and gives my availability in an instant. Please keep in mind these timings are set at GMT.

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Energy and Sound Healing Sessions
Working in the Quantum Field, ONLINE SESSIONS are powerful




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