Energy Healing Sessions

Hello, I am Nicola Russell.

Usui Reiki Master, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Pure Channeller, Trance,  Light Language, a Galactic Shaman.

My Energy Healing works with high vibrational energies direct from Source, Channelled higher self, Multidimensional self and Guides. I also heal in a Trance state, working with star beings.

I use other tools, such as crystals and Esoteric wands.

I work with my hands above the physical body and do not physically touch.

Signed Light Language codes/ fire codes, activate DNA, within the energetic bodies. Creating a remembrance of your life’s purpose and an unveiling of your true nature and gifts.

You lay clothed on a treatment bed, usually under a blanket. When comfortable, the client closes their eyes and understands they are in a safe and protected.

I scan your energy firstly and then cleanse. Releasing blocks, implants, entities, multidimensional and astral attachments. Once cleared to the degree available, i replace the void with high vibrational light. Light language is spoken and fire codes are transmitted throughout the healing. Towards the end of the healing, i tap into your soul for a light language message, this is not always guaranteed. The message may also be translated in English, giving you guidance onwards in your journey.

My healing is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get!


First Healing session: 90 minutes @£80

Your first session- book a 90 minute healing session. This will enable me to clear your energy and discuss any issues you have.

Thereafter, your energy healing sessions are 60 minutes @£60 per hour.

Discounted Healing Pack

Book a Discounted Healing Pack of three sessions: £165

One Deep cleanse 90 minutes + Two 60 minute deep cleanse sessions

Normally total price is £200-  Savings of £35 (This Booking needs to be purchased when booking. Redeemable up to a year.)

Online Distant Healing on Zoom or Facetime, is also available:

60 minutes £60

or discounted pre paid three 60 minute sessions at £150






Energy Healing Sessions




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