Energy Healing with Light Language.

Hello; my name is Nicola Russell. I am a Usui Reiki Master, Energy Healer and an ET Light language Channelling healer.

My Energy Healing works with powerful high vibrational energies direct from source, channelled higher self, multidimensional self energies and ET guides. I also work with my ET guides in a trance state during my healing sessions. Each client will receive exactly what they need during their session.

I use other tools within my healing, such as crystals and light language, signed and spoken.

I work with my hands slightly above the physical body, as well as higher up within the auric field. Signed Light Language codes activate DNA memories and auric platforms within the energetic bodies create a remembrance of my client’s life’s purpose.

The client can either sit or lay clothed on a massage bed, usually under a blanket. When comfortable, the client closes their eyes and understands they are in a safe and protected space.

Chakra systems are realigned and collaborated, activations through light language and chakra extensions and softening, through energy manipulation. These techniques are highly effective and help my clients in many ways:

Headaches..   Crown chakra adjustment.

Dizziness..      Feet chakra adjustment.

Heart chakra widening, heart and solar plexus integrations, aura repairs, intestine coding. Physic surgery occurs as and when the client needs during the healing sessions also.

My healing is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get!


Deep Cleansing

On occasions a deeper cleanse is necessary. The clearing of dark energy isn’t a relaxing experience, until the energy is removed.

I scan and assess the client, communication of my findings, clear the unwanted energies and then transmute the energies safely.

Once the clearing has been achieved to the satisfaction of my guides, my multidimensional and higher self, i proceed to work with bringing in the light frequencies to clear any residues of unwanted energies. This is a beautiful experience of which i take absolute pleasure. It is my passion and life’s purpose to work with such wonderful guides, i am truly grateful.

Breath work is discussed to assist with the extraction. An in-depth consultation of this procedure is discussed before the cleansing. Any questions on the procedure are answered at this stage before the releasing, so that the client is happy to continue.

This healing may take 2-3 sessions to the nature of the clearing. Some residual energies need to be removed after a period of settlement. The shifting of these energies is surreal, but extremely beneficial to regain your power.

Please contact me if you feel this modality resonates with you.


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Deep Energy Healing, is my most popular session booked.


Energy Healing
One hour Energy Healing £40


One and half hour Deep Cleansing Energy Healing £50



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