Light Language

Light language is a Universal communication system that is from my soul and heart.

Many of us are embarking on spiritual journeys, meditations, healing sessions, and retreats. We are more involved in our spiritual lives, awareness, more than just the physical.

Light language is conducive to when we are in our heart space, it is energetically felt during communication.

Forms of Light language are signing, spoken, sung, chanted, and written.

For spoken light language, it is not a cognitive language, it doesn’t get interpreted through the brain, but through the heart. There is no translation, it is interpreted through how it makes the person speaking it feel. It is a divine feminine tool. It allows the facilitator to use their intuition.

It is sometimes useful to relay in English what is being communicated. The understanding of the language comes from an inner knowing. It is felt. Intuitive. Sometimes it is not important to communicate in English because it is more important for the person being healed with Light language to interpret it through their heart space.

On my journey, I have been made aware that I could speak the light language and that the effects of the sound added to the signing duplicated the benefits in the healing sessions.

It seems to come through me without effort and is always done for the highest good of the person being healed.

I have had amazing results using light language in my healing practice. We have found that the healing delivered is very deep and significant. I am always very grateful and thankful that I have unveiled this ancient universal form of communication and healing.

My spoken and signed Light Language orientates from my multidimensional, higher self, and channeled Galactic guides. It is highly healing and should be embraced, as it is a gift.







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