Pyramid Healing and Meditation- available on request

‘Pyra’ is from the Greek word Fire and ‘Mid’ is Latin for Mede, which means middle. “Fire in the Middle.”

Pyramids can be found all over the world. Vary angles creates variables in the pyramids frequencies.

The higher the frequency, the higher the energies align to the higher chakras, third eye and crown.

Whilst sitting or laying under or near the pyramid within the Torus energy field, healing and meditation is amplified.

My copper pyramid is using a 51 degree apex angle, from the pyramid frequencies of Giza in Egypt. Adorned with attachments of a pure clear quartz pyramid crystal on the apex, which enhances the energy flow. A smoky amethyst attached to copper wire hanging under the apex, transmuting negative energies. All combined with Apopalite and a crystal grid in the centre, creates an amazing Torus. You can either sit in a chair or floor or simply, lay on a blanket under the pyramid, at this point i would bring in the energies to commence the healing session. Similarly, with meditation, whilst under the pyramid, i would take you through a journey of connection. Light Language would be used during meditation, channelled from my higher self.

A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within and out of the pyramids boundaries, the ‘Torus’. The experience is intense and a pressure around the head may occur, due to the higher frequencies of energy flow. Pyramid healing releases negative energies, attachments, deep soul and past life issues. It intensifies positive energy once the negative energy is transmuted.

Pyramids attract positive etheric energy and converts the negative ions into positive ones. Having a 51 degree angle creates a grounding experience, which is essential to feel connected to the Earth’s grid.

During the healing and or meditation, the client experiences a Theta state of mind, 4-7Hz. This is between conscious and unconsciousness, this is the first stage of dreaming. It gives you a sense of connection, spiritual and inspirational.


Pyramid Healing
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