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Energy Healing in the Quantum Field

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The evolution of my healing modality has shifted tenfold, into the quantum field. The awareness of this phenomenon has gradually integrated into my healing modality. Far from the days of humble Reiki, my gifts have integrated into my awareness through complete surrender. The probability of this happening has occurred through hard work and transcendence of the evolution of my soul in this reality.

Everyone is capable of transcending ‘normality.’

What is normal anyway? A programmed experience through others.

My new ‘normal’ is changing every day and morphing into the multidimensional being that I am. We all are. This is my journey, let me take yours to another level.

My healing modality takes your energetic template and shifts it into another dimension. I recode, release, and integrate new probabilities throughout all time and space. I clasp timelines, recode possibilities, and correct your energetic field with light codes.

This is a new format of experience, a surreal egoic experience, and yet your soul will know what is occurring. Shifting you into a new paradigm of understanding, unveiling the remembrance of who you truly are. A sovereign light being having a human experience in this now moment.

Quantum Energy and Sound Healing
Working in the Quantum Field

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