Quantum Energy and Sound Information

Note:Online Course will be available for you to become a Quantum Energy and Sound Healer


Let’s break down what Quantum Energy and Sound Healer are.


Quantum – What do we mean by Quantum?


Quantum is the ability to tap into layers of the truth of knowing throughout all time and space. It is the pursuit of the greater knowing of self. Deeper understanding and reactionary solutions to adjustments of the Quantum energetic field. It is the passing of the focused NOW moment, through all time and space to reach into layers of understanding of the layered NOW moments of the past, present, and future.  


Energy – In what way will we understand a little deeper into Energy?


Working with energy will enable you to cut through the density of the energetic field within yourself, others, objectives, grids, and memories of the mind. (Past Lives)


First, you must be aware of your own energy, how to clear, create your own practice, whether daily, weekly, or as and when. Always keep on top of your emotions. Tack them as they arise. Don’t let people get you down. After all, it is a gift. Understand the concept of mirroring. There are layers of trauma and understanding of this matter. 


Sound – In which way are we going to use sound?


Sound – With this course, the sound is from your own physical body. Breathwork is essential to bring this forward in your practice. Not only for releasing negative energy but also for toning or light language. The breath also has a sound, blowing, whistles, burping, signing. Sharp inhalations and exhalations.


Healer – What is meant by a healer?


A healer is someone that is drawn to help others on their healing journey. It is a soul that has natural gifts to assist another into a state of understanding their blocks and assist them to release the things that hold them back. The word facilitator is another word that would describe the action of a healer. when a healer facilitates, they allow the other to see their growth. 

It is important that a healer does not take away the empowerment of another. Seeing the strength in letting the other heal themselves, but be there to support and facilitate the interaction and hold space for the release of dense energy through using energy and sound. 




Quantum Energy and Sound Healing
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