How do I work in the quantum field?

A Quantum energy healing experience is offered online. In-Person can be arranged, but there is no difference in the outcome. As when you work in the quantum field the concept of ‘here,’ is not what it seems. Energetic transference of energy signatures is transported into my awareness, so no matter where your location is, I can reach you.

I connect with you through Zoom, Skype, and either in-person OR remotely/ Distant Healing, I connect to your energy field. Once permission and intentions are set, I continue with my connection, going deeper into your field. Once blended and aligned I start to work. My egoic mind surrenders to my higher multidimensional aspects, where I allow the physical body to move in unison creating light language codes through voice, signed, and body movements. In a trance-like state, but fully conscious of my actions I work on your quantum energetic signatures held within and without. Templates of energetic systems are held within chakras, energy bodies, and the holographic system. Here I release and update codes of possibilities. Setting you on course and quickening your ascension process. Igniting your remembrance.

My work has taken me to connect with many people all over the world. Many souls that are on their journey, many healers, and evolved souls. Many feeling stuck and unable to connect at a deeper level. I enable and upgrade you to move forward in your newfound reality.


Advantages of Distance Healing Sessions

What are the advantages of having a distance healing session?

From Your Perspective:

Having a distant healing session gives you an understanding of self-empowerment. The clarity of mind to be worked on from a distant source will enable you to open up deeper and wider into your healing journey. This understanding of your energetic field allows the ego-mind to be released, to allow a higher understanding to be experienced. When you allow and observe the experience without a conversation before and after you can find yourself deepening your own understanding of your soul. A complete detachment from myself and yourself will bring in higher levels of consciousness. This integration of higher resonances of energetic flow will help deepen the healing of deep core wounds, blocks, past traumas, emotional states, cords, contracts, throughout all time and space. 

Not only that, a distance healing will give you privacy, time to integrate without interruptions, clarifying your inner journeying from a conscious state of mind. The report sent after the healing will give you an understanding of the process achieved and ongoing information for future healing sessions or self-healing experiences. 


From My perspective:

A distance healing enables me to completely let go of my ego-mind. Stopping any questioning of concepts, the judgment of myself. This deepens the connection and allows me to fully flow in the experience. My higher self and multidimensional aspects are able to reach deeper core wounds, higher levels of consciousness as a result of taking out the human mind, which sometimes influences the experiences and creates slight doubts and blocks within the healing process. Distant healing brings clarity to the whole mind, resulting in an intensified experience and results. 

An option of a recording of distant healing is also available to you. This enables you to revisit any light codes for future healing experiences. Playing back the recording may have layers of codings that will intensify your healing journey. This is not always the case, depending on the healing session and intentions set. 

Because of the nature of the healing it is important to set your intentions when booking your session. There is a form to fill out on booking, please consider what intentions serve you well. The intention from my perspective is always for your highest good and the expansion of your soul. I take care to release everything that is available to leave your energetic field throughout all time and space. Please be aware, your soul has a full understanding of our connection and will create only the best for you to move into a higher level of consciousness and understanding of yourself. 



ADVANCED: Quantum Healing Options with Nicola Russell – BOOK Through emailing me your preferences. I can send you a link to book online. 

Energetic Marriages

What is an energetic marriage?

An energetic marriage is when two people become aligned and committed to a relationship. Regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, or belief systems.

Two soul templates journeying, converge into one. This convergence of energetic alignment brings soul learning through the reflection adjustments of which we may call ‘mirroring’. Deep core wounds may be reflected in the physical reality of experience. These blocks, cords, contracts, are disconnected through all time and space. The distortion of the coupling is released from both of the soul’s templates so that the relationship can start in a balanced way.

Through the connection of your energetic holographic, physical, energetic templates, having released the constricting cords, contracts, and blocks the couple will experience a balanced foundation to which they are able to continue to build a blissful emotional experience. 

The joining of the energetic flow between the couple will help the settling of the relationship. Both of the souls will need to connect daily, connect through communication, physical attraction, as well as mindset adjustments. 

Uncoupling of relationships

When the souls are moving away from the connection of the marriage, the uncoupling of the relationship will help the release of any energetic disturbances experienced throughout the coupling. With this adjustment, the two souls will disengage at a higher level of disconnection. Processing the uncoupling with coaching will help each soul to move through the experience in a quickened and less emotional state. This resolution creates a calm, blissful, experience, free from any emotional trauma. This experience also helps any independent children, family members, and friends of the couple. 

How is the energetic marriage experienced?

I will connect with the couple during the healing session. Both of the souls will need to be present. Both willing and in agreement. The souls do not need to be in the same space during an online call but will need to be conscious and present during the process. In-person events are also available. The process is a surreal one. Connecting with both of your energy fields, placing intentions, disconnecting cords, contracts, and blocks. 


Setting intentions – enables a clear contract of experience, enabling the couple to energetically join their energy consciously will help the flow of commitment to the joining of the energetic field. The presence of commitment to the relationship will help with the processes of joining the physical form during sexual relationships, the production of children in a conscious manner, Supporting the soul journey and expansion of the soul. 

Commitment to the up balancing of the soul journey. Honoring the physical, mental, and emotional needs of each other. 

Committing to conscious communication, a deeper understanding of conscious communication will help with the transitioning of the couple to expand into a greater understanding of each other and in reflection of each other. 


Integration of Multidimensional Aspects and Fragmentation of Soul

Intentions are set to connect all higher frequency aspects of self during the session. Letting go of any aspects that need to be released held within the energetic template. The old frequencies of aspects will be disconnected also. This creates space for the integration of higher aspect integrations. 

The fragmentations of soul that have been lost throughout all time and space are integrated through again the setting of intentions of the highest order. Calling in the integration of the fragmented soul aspects. This energetic magnetism allows the integration of the soul fragmentation held within the quantum templates. This adjustment will enable the completion of the integration, deep soul recognition of the joining of the soul fragments is felt emotionally. Be prepared for deep realizations of remembrance during this process. Coming back into oneness is a powerful practice. 


The Healing of the Multidimensional Aspect

In some cases, the multidimensional aspect will need some adjustment and healing. This takes place during the session, I myself am aware of the process from the human perspective, but the integration of my higher aspects will facilitate the absolute processes during my pure channeling conscious state. This takes place in the quantum field.

Please note, this experience may take time to integrate. Depending on the aspect, your soul template, and the level of conscious connection. Your gifts will come forward at the time of completion. Please also be aware that conscious connection and subconscious connection may differ from soul to soul. 


Inner Child Healing and Higher Self Connection

This healing session will help the individual soul connect to any deep core wound held within the energetic field and physical body. Many issues emanate from a traumatic experience during the early ages of childhood. Indeed many experiences bring forward a deep core experience from our past lives. 

The interconnection of the inner child and that of the higher self-connection may be distorted because of the disconnection of recognition of the deep core wound of the inner child and higher self and vice versa. The two being connected during a healing session will help the soul experience to connect deeper into the soul remembrance of self. These deep remembrance experiences correlate to a greater understanding of the soul’s journey and indeed of the purpose of the soul’s incarnation. All experiences are disconnected during this information and are healed during the deep realizations of inner healing techniques, whether through self-healing or facilitated healing processes of another soul assisting the remembrance. 

The Process

The connection of the inner child and higher self-healing techniques starts with the intention setting of the soul and that of the healer. Each verbally agrees to the process and commits to the connection of energetic templates. The facilitation of the healing is carried out with compassion, clarity of mind, love the vibration of energetic connection to the highest degree throughout all time and space. 


Permission to Enter your Energetic Field – Energetic Contract

Please tick the box when booking

I give Nicola Russell permission to enter my energetic field, throughout all time and space. To adjust my energy field, chakra systems, quantum templates, integration of multidimensional aspect integrate, soul fragmentation retrieval, and release. Release of any cords, contracts, to anything that no longer serves me.
All energy and sound vibrations are channeled with integrations of the highest good of all. Nicola does not hold any liability of any after-effects to the energetic alignments, soul contracts adjustments. I hold the sole responsibility to be empowered to continue with the evolution of my soul thereafter.
I will inform Nicola of any emotional state adjustments needed up to 48 hours after the healing session. Thereby Nicola will adjust my energetic field.

I am a sovereign being and enter this energetic contract freely for the greater good and evolution of my soul into the light.

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