Reiki Blasts

Stress, depression, anxiety are all too common words used today to explain how we feeling.  Total control of our lives play a part of it when we expect to be happy and perfect in the way we deal with our daily issues.

Healing in a holistic way brings a different mind set to people that find themselves in the stressed, depressed and anxious place.

Your ability to shake off these feeling can be difficult.

Modern medicine is one route, but there is also the holistic approach. Many people know that we are capable of connecting to our inner self. Meditation is a simple way to connect. We can mindfully workout, practice yoga or take a mindful walk in the park.

All  these everyday activities clear our mind from our busy day. As well as these activities we can seek an outward force to help clear these negative thought patterns.

Reiki healing can help with the clearing. I guide people through the experience.  Sending a flow of energy that surrounds us. We see it in the stars, the wind, in the trees and in us. Quantum physics show us we are all energy. It is the manipulation of that energy that enhances the healing process.

We receive what we need there is plenty for everyone. A Reiki Blast is a shorter session on a full Reiki session. It is ideal for if you are in a hurry, in need of a quick blast, or simply if you want to have a trial session. As only experiencing the healing can you then truly understand the benefits.

I offer Reiki Blasts at your place of work, schools, colleges or events. Perfect before a big meeting, exams and performances. I am mobile, obviously distance would need to be discussed. Or I can make arrangements of a closer Reiki Practitioner to make the visit to you.



Child Healing Sessions

I offer child healing sessions for free up to the age of 16 years old. Please see the scheduling section below for age groups and timings.

Reiki will benefit your child in many ways. From a very small baby to teenage years. Creating a calming effect and a sense of connection.

Children’s healing is Donation only. All Donations go to a children’s charity.

Reiki Blasts - From £20
Reiki Blast
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