The evolution of the human

Stepping into a new paradigm. Shifting into remembrance of who we truly are. This process is called the ascension or/ and the awakening. It is the process of consciously experiencing the process.

Many souls have chosen to live on the Earth at this time to experience this first hand. You may have heard about this belief, you may not, but the fact you are reading this and are on my website shows there is a reason why you are continuing to read. The remembrance of your multidimensional aspects is the key to the game.

My healing modality has shifted to allow me to facilitate this process. Once you are connected both to the Earth and aligned to the Universe, your soul is able to hold a higher frequency to embody the multidimensional aspects. The process is surreal. The experience of blending with your multidimensional self enables you to unveil gifts and move forward with a greater connection and understanding. It is empowering and essential to your ascension process.

Some aspects of self can be ‘lost’ or fragmented in another dimension. Restrictions by self or others create an issue with the blending of these aspects. It feels you are unable to move forward with your journey. My role as a Galactic shaman is to ‘rescue’ and facilitate the integration to occur. I have had so many amazing experiences with my work, reuniting the fragments and fragmented aspects provide strength and growth. Truly beautiful.
This work is highly evolved and intuitive, the higher your frequency the more you will experience. You will never be the same again. This work opens up dimensions and unveils your true sovereignty and place in the Universe.

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