StarSeedYou is an online website that holds my online courses. Collaborating with like-minded souls to assist you. Guiding you through your ascension journey.

What is an ascension journey?


The ascension is the rising of consciousness. 


Many people are starting to find themselves questioning their lives. Where they live, who they live with, relationships, job choices, the outside world, rules, regulations. All these questions lead to change. This change in the outlook of your life means you are starting to want change. This change is here. Waiting for you to remember. 


You are far more than you could ever imagine. Understanding this takes time. The mind will fight against your changes. Keeping you in cycles of experiences that will hold you back. You may be very logical in your mind, analytical, scientific. This type of mind is harder to break down into understanding the concept of the ascension and all the concepts related to that. That’s ok, but to change you must invite in all possibilities. Be open to things you don’t know about yet. This website may stretch your mind. This is a good thing. Change doesn’t happen from being the same, change is about changing, so acceptance is key.


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