What is Energy Healing?

Reiki has been practiced over thousands of years and has no side effects or contra-indicators. It works alongside any modern medicines and therapies. Reiki is a form of Energy healing which enables people to feel better, mentally, emotionally and physically. It gives you a deeper relationship with your inner self, finding calmness and creates a positive emotional state of mind.

Energy healing is the ability to draw upon energy and to allow the practitioner to send energy to their client. It is a simple process. The practitioner is a channel. They direct the energy where it is needed to activate a healing process.

Energy from source is a higher frequency energy, it is more intense in vibration. Working with different frequencies enable me match the energies needed for each individual client.


Channelled energies, brought in from my guides allow me to gather higher frequency energy. Standing firmly grounded I find myself in a Trance like state. My guides use my physical body and take me to where the physical positioning is needed, I am guided through this process. It is quite a surreal process, but extremely enjoyable for me.


Beams of light Energy circulate the Earth.

Travelling through time and space.

Once called upon, caught with pure love intention, the energy connects with my crown chakra.

On the move again the energy travels to the central chakras of the physical body, the third eye, throat and heart. Working from my Solar Plexus and fully grounded, I connect to my Highest Source energy.

One gathering love from the heart centre the energy moves towards the arms and out through the palm chakras.

There through intuition the energy is directed to the subject.

The recipient may feel tingles from the given energy.

Visualise lights, vision or even just fall a sleep.

Source energy brings clarity of thought

It brings strength, peace and joy.

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