Finding your own healing abilities

It is a privilege to be involved with passing on my knowledge to people that are interested in developing their own healing modality.

You have all the answers. All you need to do is, unveil it all. Step by step, moment by moment.

Surrendering to yourself and allowing the energy to flow, being present, a natural channel of light.

If this feels right to you and feel this resonates. Then it is right.

Subjects covered during coaching

Connection to self, Earth’s grid and the Universe/ higher/oversoul.

Breath and surrender.

Energy bodies.

Outward tools: crystals, wands and pendulum work.

Energy flow in and Energy flow out: transmutation of energy and good housekeeping.

Deeper Cleansing techniques: (This is for experienced healers.)

Channelling, Trance.

Each coaching session is individual, as some subjects may already be mastered.


One to One Mindfulness coaching

I am.

This is a positive affirmation. It is a statement that is. A statement about yourself that is the most profound place to be. I am presence is the absolute positive affirmation one can say.

We live in this Western society with preconceived ideas and ideals, handed down by generation after generation and don’t tend to judge it for what it is. We bumble along with life at such a speed that to sit and ponder what life is all about, so infrequently. Maybe on our two week summer holiday, we may sit and read a book in the sun or whilst soaking in a bath tub. Mindlessly trudging through life year after year, dissatisfied with life in general. Fear and anger emotions swamp our minds, blame and judgement of others, gossip and the feeling of complete disconnection. There is a deep unease and feeling of ‘why am i here?’

Believe me when I say, I completely understand how this existence is, It is like a emotional roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. Life can be blissful and complete. But it can also be challenging.

Mindfulness is a place where you can be in a constant state of bliss. Now wouldn’t that be amazing! Really? Is this possible? Give or take a few moments of consciousness dips… Yes.

It is when you can completely connect to the part of you that is you, the true you, taking yourself out of the Ego mind, you can reach a point of… I am. It takes time, practice and commitment, but yes it is possible for everyone. You don’t have to be a hippie to be happy.

Mindfulness is being completely aware. It is the ability to ponder over your thoughts without judgement. Empty your mind without judgement and see things from a greater perspective, From yes, non judgement.

From whatever you background, beliefs systems, gender, age, race we are all one. We are all energy.

If you took a pack of rice and emptied them in a pan and observed them, you would see a pan of rice. If you took one grain of rice, you would see one grain of rice. Different colours, sizes but all the same. Everything is connected, Quantum Physicists have proven this.

We all vibrate at different frequencies. Each soul on this planet has chosen to be here. We all come in with a purpose, a mission, if you will. Finding that purpose and letting go of the old is the game. Forgiveness, trust, surrender of self and others paths the way to finding your purpose and journey of enlightenment. Enlightenment isn’t just for Buddha.. become your own God self, higher self, oversoul. Rather than a programmed unconscious, judgemental, unhappy soul. It is in everyone reach. No one is perfect, but we can all work towards it. You can achieve this through being self aware, mindful. Open up to the possibilities. You are waiting to unveil the true you. All you have to do is look inside.

How do I achieve this?

Mindfulness is achieved by exercising your ability to flex those letting go muscles. Letting go of old thought processes, programmed beliefs and ingrained parenting and society processes.  It is about changing all of this by looking inwards. Inwards through connection to the truth of you, your soul.

Your breath bridges your mind to your heart. Your heart is the key. Out of your mind and into your heart. The mind evokes emotions, thoughts and judgements. Your heart contains only love. WHOO WHOO alert…. yes a little to much, sorry. But just pause for a moment, are you now judging? When you are in non judgement, you can be open to potential experiences. Just because you haven’t experienced it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Once you have experienced, then you can truly trust what i have to say. Cultures in Eastern societies have practiced mindfulness for centuries. Yoga, meditation, breath work.

Energy awareness is also important. As i said before, we are all energy. Once you can connect to your energy, you can be mindful of how you are flowing. Chakra systems, Meridian lines, Qi, Auras, Earth grids, Universal energy, Law of attraction, positive affirmation, gratitude and more. These are all things i cover during my workshops and courses. Thinking out of the box and into the unknown is scary, but also exciting. Let me guide you through your journey and help you realise your true potential.



Your Healing Journey, Mindfulness coaching


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