Develop Your Healing Abilities

If you are drawn to healing, then you have come to the right place!

I offer, on a day basis, a coaching course to discover your own Healing Modality. You may need more then one day. This depends on experience and motivation. I am a firm believer in self empowerment, tapping into your own ability and unveiling your own strengths, in your own way is an amazing way to start.


Energy Healing Days

This is for people that are drawn to healing. Experience is beneficial, but not necessary. Please contact me if you are interested. One to One. (Groups can be arranged at reduced rate.)

This is a four hour healing day. It is for you to explore Energy healing and its benefits for you and your clients. Learn how to become the healer you need to be, owning your own Modality and not following the crowd. If you are not drawn to Reiki, this is will be the best option for you.

The subjects we will cover is Energy work, breath work, transmutation, crystals, energy flow, clear vessels, protection, pure channelling, trance. These are some subjects experienced during the days. There is theory work behind the subjects, but it is mainly practical experience. Not all subjects are covered, as each individual is unique.

To practice using your own healing modality, you will have to get Public Liability Insurance and list it as Energy Healing. I will be available after the days for advice and guidance, should you need it. This is at no charge.


Mindful Mindful Panda

I have a mindfulness workshop for children. Please contact me for further details or check out the information on the Mindful Mindful Panda sections.

Parenting mindfulness workshop is now available on Eventbrite. (see below: calendar.)

This is a four hour workshop for parents, wanting to bring mindfulness activities and knowledge into their life and families lives.


One to One coaching is beneficial to the student, as I can tailor your training to your needs.

Energy Healing Day Coaching Session 4-5 hours £150
Energy Healing Coaching £40 per hour
Take your first, second and infinite steps. Message me for details and to book a date.

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